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The life of Florence Malraux as told by Alain Malraux

"Beneath any shallow sweetness lies the permanence of a danger."

"Life, little by little, would resume some right"

"I don't want your cauliflower!" He's too bad! These were the first words my mother heard in the fall of 1942 from a nine-year-old girl of hers, Clara Malraux.A refugee with her in Toulouse since the terrible defeat in the summer of 1940, she had wanted to see what the hoe of this Madeleine Lioux, piano teacher at the CNSM who had set fire to Roland, her brother-in-law, fifteen years younger, could have looked like, to the point of having invited her to lunch, she who s was always praised by chuckling about his bad cuisine: "We have always had a bad meal at home!" The two women had sympathized, and my future mother had found the little girl more than cute: crunchy, as her promise had described her.In one word, in one word: charming.What Josette Clotis could not guess, then pregnant with Vincent, who, for his part, had found Roland's fiancée ..."absolutely charming".

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Coincidentally, the Queen of Spades and the Lady of Clubs who contested for the favor of Master Malraux were in Toulouse at the same period, in November 1942, after the invasion of the free zone by the Wehrmacht and Mussolini's troops in Savoie, Corsica and the Alpes-Maritimes, including the whole of the Nice region.Through the benevolent intermediary of Mireille and Emmanuel Berl, André was diligently looking for a new fall-back solution somewhere in deep France, and well away after all the fall of Singapore under the blows of Japanese aggression, the war was in its mitan, and was going to be in full swing until the climax which it was going to reach from the turning of Stalingrad Stretching indefinitely since 1939, it seemed never to end.Thereafter, two premature deaths - that of Claude and Roland Malraux in deportation preceded by the fatal accident of Josette - would deprive three members of the siblings to see the term.

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